Why Samsung’s Moultrie camera won’t work in Australia

A company that makes surveillance cameras for the Australian Federal Police has been accused of deliberately selling a defective device that won’t recognise a new user’s face when used by a criminal.

The Moultries surveillance cameras are the latest in a series of Samsung products to be linked to criminal activity.

A new report from the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) has also found a number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Moultriers, have been hacked.

The APF report said Samsung’s security software on the Molls was “extremely flawed” and was capable of capturing images of a person’s face in plain view without the person being aware of the cameras presence.

Samsung said the issue was fixed, but the APF believes it was a mistake and said it is investigating the issue further.

“Samsung has made a series and is continuing to make adjustments to the software on our Molls,” a spokesperson for Samsung told ABC News.

“We are aware of these issues and are actively working to address them.”APF said the security flaw was identified in early March, but it wasn’t until mid-May when the company sent out an update that Samsung acknowledged the problem.

The Samsung Moll was also recently blamed for a hack in the US, where hackers stole more than 150,000 credit card numbers, credit card statements and other financial data from two banks.

In Australia, Samsung Molls have been used by criminals, such as the gang who targeted the bank in the U.S. with the theft of millions of credit card details.APF’s report said the Moll cameras had been made available to consumers without a licence to operate, and some had been used without a user-identification sticker.

“A number of people have reported that the devices have been stolen and sold without their consent,” the report said.

“This includes a woman in Australia who purchased a Samsung Moltrie camera, only to find it had been stolen.”

Samsung has denied that the security flaws affected its Molls.

“The Molls are an industry-leading, consumer-focused security product that works to improve safety for consumers and businesses alike,” a Samsung spokesperson said in a statement.

“In the course of our research, we discovered the vulnerabilities that led to the reported incidents.

We are taking immediate action to address the issues and will take additional action to improve our products in the future.”