Why do I have to install blink security camera apps on my phone?

How to install security cameras for your Android phone: This article is written by an Android developer.

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If your phone supports Google’s Camera API, you can install this app using the Google Play Store.

If not, install the Google Camera API app from Google Play.

This app lets you install and control blink security cams on your Android smartphone.

How to set up blink security cam app on your device: 1.

Install the blink security app from the Google store.2.

On your Android device, tap the gear icon and select the “Settings” section.3.

Select “Security” in the left column and scroll down to “Security Cameras” and “Blink Security Camera”.4.

Under “Blinking”, scroll down and select “Enable Blink Security Camera” in “Security Camera Settings”.5.

Select the “Enable” button.6.

To enable or disable the blink camera, tap on the gear button at the bottom of the screen.7.

You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions.8.

Tap on the “Add” button to add the Blink security camera to your device.9.

Your blink security webcam will be installed on your smartphone.10.

Tap “OK” to start the blink video recording.11.

To stop the blink recording, tap “Stop”.12.

To return to the main screen, tap and hold the gear/gear-down button.13.

When the camera is connected to your smartphone, tap/tap on the camera icon at the top of the video recording page.14.

When you’re ready to start recording video, tap & hold the camera button at bottom of screen until the video is finished.15.

The blink security video will be displayed on your video camera.