What is Hikvision’s new camera?

The Hikvision camera house is the latest in the Hikvision line of small cameras that offer up a 360-degree view of the environment.

It’s a tiny house, but with all the amenities that come with it, such as a built-in fridge and washing machine.

But what you might not know is that the HikVision camera house has a special feature that allows it to capture video of its surroundings.

For this, the camera has a mini camera.

That’s where it comes in handy, and it’s not just for the cameras themselves, either.

For the Hikviewer, a Hikvision product, the mini camera is just the right size for the camera’s cameras, and allows it not only to take video, but also take pictures, too.

“We’ve found that the smallest camera is the best camera,” says Hikvision founder and CEO Peter Hulme.

“When you’re taking a picture, you’re actually capturing the scene, so the smallest lens is a very good lens.”

For the camera house, Hikvision has made a couple of modifications.

It has a larger lens that allows the camera to capture longer exposures, and also a higher-resolution camera chip that can do 4K video and higher.

The camera houses a large-diopter, 4K digital camera chip.

Its chip is also smaller than the Hik Vision’s, and the sensor size has been increased from 32mm to 34mm.

“This camera can be installed at any point on the property and can be attached to a pole or wall, and can also be mounted on top of the wall,” says Hulmes Hikvision spokesman.

“The camera house also has a small LED light that can illuminate the surrounding areas.”

So far, the HikViewer has been tested in a house built by the Japanese company Mango House, which has been featured in National Geographic’s video about the HikVox, a compact video camera with a tiny footprint that can capture video for a few bucks.

That home is also being used for the video in the video.

The video is also available on HikVision’s website for free.

As a result, there’s not much else that can be said about the camera, but if you are looking for a smaller camera, it’s a good choice.