Watch out, ‘Peephole’ cameras are coming to Alberta’s highways

Watch out for peepholes, and keep an eye out for what you might be seeing on public highways.CBC News has learned new peep hole cameras will be coming to roads in the province, beginning with the Alberta government’s new highway pilot project.

The province is working with two companies to test and certify the technology.

“Peepholes can be very, very effective in identifying people and vehicles and the vehicles in a lot of traffic, and it’s very, well, we’ve seen that in the United States, and so they’re not a foolproof method,” said John Whelan, an assistant professor at the University of Alberta.

“It’s a bit of a wild card, but we’re hoping to see the results in a couple of months.”

Whelan says peep holes are becoming a bit more common in Alberta, especially in the oil and gas industry.

But he says there are still a lot more ways peepers can get caught.

“If you’re just sitting at a red light, or you’re driving, and you’re not looking at the speed limit, you’re going to get caught in some of the things that we see on public roadways.

And so there are different ways to do that,” he said.”

You have to be careful with them, but I do think that they’re an effective way to see vehicles.”

And I think we’re going too far and we’re not doing enough to make sure that they are properly trained, properly trained properly, and they’re able to do it safely.”CBC News also spoke to a senior government official who says the peep-hole cameras are a necessary tool in policing the oil industry.”

We have a number of jurisdictions that we work with, and there are a number, in Alberta specifically, that have a lot better trained and better equipped law enforcement officers than we are,” said Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.”

There are other jurisdictions, like New Brunswick, that we have some work to do on.

“The province has said the new highway project will see cameras installed on all public roads by the end of 2019.

But some observers are skeptical that Alberta will be able to implement all of the new technology as promised.”

I think that it’s probably the best idea that has been proposed,” said David Withers, a professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary.”

The technology is coming, and the technology has been proven in the U.S., and it could be used for some purposes.

And if it’s being used to catch speeders, you can see that it can do that, because it’s looking through the eyes.

“The RCMP has a history of using peep cameras to catch motorists speeding on public roads.

In the past, police have said the cameras are helpful in slowing down motorists who have exceeded speed limits.

But not all drivers agree with the approach.”

They’re probably not going to catch everyone who’s speeding, and that’s the concern that we should be having, and we should have the right laws to make that happen,” said Witherson.”

What we don’t have right now is the kind of information that we need to know so that we can make a good judgment call about what the law is.”CBC’s The Watch is a popular national CBC radio show.

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