Samsung’s ‘Lumia’ Camera System Wants to Take the Next Step

With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge all set to be unveiled in late May, we’ve got some interesting news for anyone who’s been looking forward to these cameras.

The Samsung camera system will officially be launching on June 25th, with a launch date of the S6 still a bit of a mystery at this point.

While we’re not exactly sure when the cameras will arrive, we do know that the first ones will be the flagship flagship model of the camera system.

The specs listed above are just a sampling of the major features and hardware changes, but we’re expecting to see an improved camera sensor, a bigger image sensor, and a bigger screen.

The camera system’s primary function is to take photos of your surroundings.

With the S7, Samsung has made it very easy to take selfies, and with the Galaxy A7, the cameras have even gotten better.

It’s a very different approach to the camera from the Galaxy Note5’s sensor, though.

With the S5 and S5 Edge, the camera is built around a dual-camera setup, which means there’s a wide-angle lens on top of a telephoto lens that focuses on one of the photos taken by the two cameras.

In the Galaxy Camera S7 series, we’ll get a dual camera setup for the first time, which is basically a big telephoto zoom lens on the front of the device.

This setup is not exactly the same as the one on the Galaxy Nexus, but it is the same basic setup, so it’ll be easy for users to pick up.

The Galaxy Camera A7 series will be getting the new dual camera system, which will be similar to the Galaxy 6.7 series in that it has a telephotos lens, but with a zoom lens.

The rear camera is still dual-lens, but the front lens is now a tele.

It should be noted that these new phones are not the first Galaxy phones to get a new camera system; last year’s S6s were also the first to come with a dual lens camera system (the Galaxy 6 also had a dual zoom lens).

However, Samsung is aiming to take the camera camera experience to a new level with the S8.

While it’s possible the Galaxy 8 may get a “dual lens” camera, it’s hard to see why Samsung would be pushing for a dual focus camera like the Galaxy 9.

It would take away from the user experience of the phone, and the Galaxy E9 has had a similar dual lens system.

The Samsung Galaxy A8+ series will also get a similar new camera design, with the same wide-angled zoom lens and telephoto focus.

The only real difference between the two models is that the A8 series has a larger 4K screen, while the A9 series has the smaller 4K.

There’s no word yet on when the Galaxy 10 will be released, but in the meantime, expect a few new Samsung camera features to debut in the S10 and S11.