Pixel 3 camera icon and ‘beauty’ button is now missing in Google Photos

Google is reportedly working on a redesign of the ‘beautiful’ camera icon in Google Maps.

The Google Photos team has reportedly taken a look at several different icons, including the Google+ icon, which was supposed to be the replacement for the Camera icon in Maps, but now looks more like a stylized, unbranded icon in the new version of the app.

It appears that the camera icon has been renamed to ‘beautifully positioned camera icon’ and it is not yet available in the app for download.

The icon has now been removed from Google Photos.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that the new icon is indeed part of a redesign to bring Google Maps closer to the style and personality of Google Photos, but declined to comment on when exactly it was changed.

Google Photos is currently available on Android phones and tablets.

The ‘beautful’ camera icons that we saw in Google maps on the Pixel 3 were part of the Google Photos camera icons, but the camera icons were removed.

It is unclear when the redesign will be rolled out to Google Photos for Android and if the ‘Beautiful’ icon will be retained.