How to get rid of Polaroid Instant Camera and Polaroid Digital Camera with this guide

With the advent of the Polaroid digital camera, the need for a film camera became a bit redundant.But, for those of us who want to take pictures on the go, there’s a new contender for a digital camera that doesn’t […]

How to install a pinhole camera on your smartphone and get a picture of your face

A pinhole photo is a small, digital camera that allows you to capture a full-body image.It can be used to capture detailed images of your features, such as your eyes, nose, mouth, and even your face.However, pinholes are limited to […]

‘I have a very high opinion of our future’: CCTV is crucial to digital safety

The Irish Government is to introduce a new pilot scheme to introduce high-quality CCTV to help police catch offenders, with the aim of improving crime detection and public safety.The programme, which will be piloted by the Gardaí, is part of […]

When you can have both at the same time, this is the best phone you can buy

When you’re spending money to buy a new phone, there’s a good chance you’re going to want a second one.We’ve got a few suggestions for you.Read next: Apple’s new iPhone XS, the best phones for the priceWe’ve done a lot […]