Leicas new $400,000 camera is a ‘backup’ camera

The camera’s maker, Leicas, announced on Tuesday that it had added a new camera to its product line.

The new camera, which has a resolution of 5.2 inches and weighs about 10 pounds, is part of a new line of back-up cameras, which are not just cameras that are there to take pictures.

Leicas is using its $400 million investment to develop a “backup” camera that will be able to take snapshots and store them for future use.

The camera can also be used to capture a video.

The company will sell the backup camera at a price of about $200,000.

Leica will also release a $200 price tag for the new camera at its own store.

The back-ups camera is not the first new camera Leicas has announced.

The Swiss company introduced a similar camera called the Leicas Pro Camera in 2014, which is a $1,500 camera with a 4.2-inch display.