‘I have a very high opinion of our future’: CCTV is crucial to digital safety

The Irish Government is to introduce a new pilot scheme to introduce high-quality CCTV to help police catch offenders, with the aim of improving crime detection and public safety.

The programme, which will be piloted by the Gardaí, is part of the Government’s Digital Safety strategy, which seeks to create a “Digital Police Force” that will have “an active role in ensuring that citizens’ privacy and safety is protected”.

The Government said the pilot scheme would see CCTV installed at the entrances of public buildings and on the streets of the capital, where crime statistics are monitored.

The scheme is part a Government effort to increase the security of the city and to improve public confidence in the Gardai.

The pilot will also see CCTV in the city centre installed in some of the area’s busiest locations, including Dublin’s Stock Exchange, the Dublin Bus Depot and the Dublin Rathdown Market.

Mr O’Mahony said the Gardaic has a significant role to play in the digital security of Ireland and has the ability to identify people who may pose a threat to the public.

“There are areas where there is a significant risk to public safety, but that doesn’t mean CCTV is not an important tool to protect against that risk,” he said.

The Government is also committed to investing €1 billion in a €5 billion “Digital Security Fund” which will “make significant investments to increase our ability to collect, analyse and store vast quantities of information on the internet”.

Mr O ‘Mahony added that the pilot would also see Garda helicopters, drones and smart-phones in the area, with “the ability to record and store CCTV, and to operate them with a range of other technology”.

He said the Government was also committed in future to invest in CCTV “to help us tackle serious crime in the country”.

Mr Daly said CCTV had been used in other countries, and that the “community is really in love with it”.

“There is no better time than now for us to be looking at ways to integrate CCTV into the policing and security system,” he added.

“I believe that with the Gardasí and the technology, they can help us make sure that people are kept safe.”

Mr Daly also said that the Government had made an investment in the technology in the past year.

The Garda said that while CCTV is being used across the country to help catch criminals, “in the vast majority of cases the CCTV has been recorded in a private setting”.

“We need to make sure the public understands what CCTV is and how it works, and not only is it not used in our public spaces, it is not used anywhere,” said Sgt. Paul Gallagher.