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The Lad bible, the oldest English-language reference work on the Bible, is now available in an updated, digital edition that also includes more than 500 other articles.

The new digital edition includes a new chapter called “The Art of Writing.”

That chapter is an essay by the author about the meaning of the art of writing and what makes it unique.

In the essay, the author talks about how writing can make you more than a writer, and how the art can make us more than what we are.

“In order to write, we need a certain kind of mind,” the essay says.

“A mind that is willing to give up some of its powers and make it a greater whole.

And that’s the art that makes writing.”

The new book also includes a number of new stories, which can be read in a single sitting.

The digital edition of The Lad comes with a new, digital copy of the Lad bible as well as an accompanying guidebook.

Lad Bible: How to Write a Book of Scripture (Bible Publishing Group) is available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Prime, and Indiebound.

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