How to make Canon digital camera icon pNG files

Canon has published a guide to make digital camera icons for your images that are PNG files. 

These icons are created with the Canon digital image processing software and are designed to be saved as PNG files for later use. 

The icons are a bit small, so if you don’t have a large amount of space you can easily create a small icon file by using the ‘PNG’ icon pack. 

You can download a zip file of the icons here: The icons will be added to your Canon Camera app as soon as you download the icons and save them to a PNG file. 

For those that are new to Canon’s digital camera software, you will need to create a ‘new’ image with the digital camera in your camera app and set up the icon. 

In the Canon Camera apps settings, click on the ‘New Image’ button and choose an icon pack from the list. 

Here is the guide to making icon ppng files for your Canon digital cameras. 

There are two ways to create icons for icons. 

One is using a standard icon pack that can be downloaded from Canon’s site and the other is using an icon file that can only be downloaded with the icon pack and can be found here:  There is also a second way to create an icon using a PNG icon pack: You will need a .png file of an icon and you can download this from the Canon website here: The first thing you need to do is to download the icon file and put it into the Canon Digital Image Processing (DIP) folder of your camera. 

Next, open up the Camera app on your computer. 

From the main menu, click the gear icon.

This will bring up the gear menu. 

If the gear symbol is highlighted, it means you can open up your camera’s menu and choose ‘Image’. 

The camera app will open up, click ‘Image’ and you should see a list of icons that you can choose from. 

Once you have selected an icon, you can click on it and it will open in your Canon image editing software. 

Click on the icon that you just downloaded and you will see a dialog box pop up asking you to ‘Save as PNG’. 

Once the dialog box is closed, you should be prompted to save the image as a PNG image. 

As you can see, you need the icon image to be in a folder on your camera system. 

To create the icon, right click on your icon and choose Properties. 

This opens up a dialog that looks like this: If you click on ‘Save Image As’ and save the file as a png file, you are now ready to go. 

Now, go back to your camera, click your icon, and choose the ‘Save As’ option. 

A dialog box will pop up telling you that you have to choose a location on your device where the icon will be saved. 

Select the folder where you saved the image and click ‘Save’. 

If everything went as expected, the icon should appear on your Canon camera.

The icon will now be saved to the folder. 

When you click the icon you should now see a preview window with the name of the icon icon.

If everything was successful, you now have a new icon icon in your Camera app. 

 In this tutorial, we are going to create one icon for each camera model. 

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to create your own Canon digital images. 


Have fun with your digital camera!