How to keep your home safe from hackers

How to prevent yourself from getting hacked when you have a smartphone or other home device.1.

If you are at home, avoid sharing photos, videos, and audio files, as well as videos and audio messages.2.

Use your phone to control the doorbell or alarm.3.

Set up a password-protected PIN to unlock your phone when you are home.4.

Limit the number of times you open and close the phone or computer at a time.5.

Lock your phone or computers from other devices when not in use.6.

Never leave your phone unattended in your bedroom or kitchen.7.

If someone is trying to take your phone, you should call 911 or lock it to your bed or desk.8.

Always make sure your mobile device has a passcode to prevent someone from unlocking it.9.

Set a PIN to ensure that the person you are communicating with can’t take your mobile phone, laptop, or other electronic device without your passcode.10.

Do not let anyone unlock your door or open the door without your password.11.

Keep a close eye on your cell phone, computer, and tablet when you aren’t using them to communicate.12.

Use a passphrase to encrypt your messages and photos so someone cannot read them.13.

Always lock your cellphones and laptops when not at home.14.

If the door is unlocked and you are using a computer, set a password to prevent others from using your computer.15.

Keep your smartphone, tablet, or any other device securely locked when not inside your home.16.

Never give your mobile or electronic device away without your permission.17.

Keep the wireless door or alarm on and use it when it is locked.18.

Never take your cellphone with you when you travel to a location where a remote-control device is not allowed.19.

Always change the password on your phone.20.

Always take a picture of anything you pick up with a cell phone or any electronic device.21.

Never make a video or audio recording of anything on your mobile, computer or tablet without the consent of the owner.22.

Never allow your cell-phone to be used as a mobile phone or portable media player.23.

Never use your cell phones or other devices to record audio, video or images.24.

Never share your mobile phones with anyone else without permission.25.

Never store any electronic devices that could be hacked, including those used to connect to a network.26.

Always check your messages, photos, and emails to make sure that they have not been altered or altered by others.27.

Never let anyone access your computer or mobile devices without permission from you.28.

Never upload files or photos to the internet without permission or for a limited time.29.

Never send photos or videos of your pets or other pets to others without permission and to the owner’s permission.30.

Never view photos, video, or audio files on your computer, mobile phone and tablet from a distance or by placing them on a shared computer, cell phone and/or other device.31.

Never delete files, photos or video from your computer using software.32.

Never place files or other media on your portable device or any mobile device without permission, including to someone else.33.

Never access your personal files or computer files using a remote control device.34.

Never erase personal files on the computer, phone, or tablet you are working on.35.

Never post or transmit information, such as photographs, to the Internet without permission to use or share it.36.

Never install or install software that is not approved for use on your desktop, laptop or tablet.37.

Never change your browser settings, open a message on your personal cell phone (cell phone), or send an email or other message using a cell-connected device.38.

Never connect a device to your desktop computer or laptop computer without permission of the device owner.39.

Never put your phone in a locked pocket or purse, pocket, bag, or backpack.40.

Never remove your cell device from your mobile telephone, laptop computer, or portable device.41.

Never attempt to change your password or reset your password to an invalid one.42.

Never download or install a software program without the owner permission.43.

Never open or install any software program that allows access to your personal computer or other personal device without the permission of your owner.44.

Never try to access or control your phone remotely or from another location.45.

Never lock your computer without a password.46.

Never turn off your computer by turning it off.47.

Never close your computer window while you are connected to the wireless network.48.

Never shut down or disconnect your phone before the battery is charged.49.

Never play music from a portable device while you use the wireless service.50.

Never record video or other audio from a device on your handheld device or while it is connected to a wireless network