When you want to keep your pet safe, get the best car security camera

If you’re planning to keep a pet safe from car burglars, you might want to consider a car security video camera, but there are many other options to consider as well.Most car security cameras can record video, and some even […]

When the camera is a little hidden: Cheaper vloggers can still be a smart choice for entry-level home surveillance

Cheaper cameras and less expensive entry-stage models have helped keep the video of home surveillance on the rise.The video can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, allowing anyone to watch what the homeowner is watching or recording.There’s also […]

Samsung’s ‘Lumia’ Camera System Wants to Take the Next Step

With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge all set to be unveiled in late May, we’ve got some interesting news for anyone who’s been looking forward to these cameras.The Samsung camera system will officially be launching on June 25th, with […]

Why am I not getting my Samsung Galaxy S8 in India?

It’s the first time a flagship smartphone from a major smartphone manufacturer has failed to reach Indian customers.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was a big seller, but it wasn’t an instant hit.Its launch was delayed in March.It failed to attract […]