Google and Amazon offer Android TV, Google Home, and other services for $49/month

Google and Apple are offering Android TV hardware for $59 a month for a two-year contract, with Amazon offering a free Fire TV Stick.

Amazon’s $49 Google Home service offers a $60 Prime membership for one-year.

Google Home, a standalone device, costs $69, with Google Play Video and Amazon’s YouTube offering $19 for a free month of both services.

Google’s $59 Google TV service costs $59.

Amazon’s $69 Amazon Fire TV and $19 Google Home offer one-month free Prime membership.

The Amazon Fire Stick is a standalone product with a one-week trial period.

Amazon has launched its own Amazon FireTV streaming stick and its own Fire TV TV box.

Google is offering an Amazon Echo, an Alexa-controlled smart speaker.

Amazon Echo’s price is $79.

Apple, which has been selling Google Home devices for years, has announced it is also offering an Alexa device for $79, though the device will only be available to Apple customers for the time being.

Amazon has not released an Echo device yet, but we expect it to do so in the near future.

Amazon says the Echo will have Alexa voice control, and Amazon has promised a price for the device.

Amazon also is offering its own Alexa device, which is expected to be available later this year.

Amazon is also rolling out a new app that allows Alexa to perform voice commands for Alexa-enabled devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Chromecast Ultra.

The $59 Amazon Echo device costs $99.

Google Home is $99 and Amazon Fire and Fire TV are $59 and $59, respectively.

Google says that if you buy one of these devices for the first time you’ll get a $100 credit toward your next Amazon Prime subscription.

Apple, Amazon, and Google are also offering the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, which are both $159 and $159, respectively, for the same two-month contract.