Digital camera maker T-Mobile is looking for the next big thing in camera tech

T-Mo has just announced a new camera that will be available in 2016, but the device may not be the first one to come to market.

The camera in question, which T-mobile says will be a $50 device, is designed to help customers take better photos than the one available on smartphones.

But what does that mean?

It means a camera with a wider lens, a faster camera processor, and the ability to take pictures with longer exposures, says T-MO.

The idea is that customers can take photos in low-light, and take the photos that capture their mood.

But that means taking photos in the middle of a long, busy trip, which is also a problem.

T-Mobile says that it will sell the new camera to other mobile operators and will start shipping the camera in early March, but it hasn’t said when or where customers will be able to buy it.

The company isn’t saying how much the camera will cost, or whether it will be priced in the same range as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

But the camera is expected to offer faster shutter speeds, improved autofocus, and a “deep black” sensor.

The company says that the camera won’t be a competitor to the iPhone camera, but will compete with it in certain markets.

T-mo says that its camera will be “more affordable” than the iPhone’s and that it’ll “be more versatile than the camera on the iPhone.”

T-mo’s new camera, which it says will capture the “perfect image” in low light, is being marketed to people who want “a fast and simple camera experience.”

T-Mobiles CEO John Legere has previously said that the company would be interested in developing “camera technologies that are affordable and versatile,” and that “the right technology can be a game changer.”

It’s worth noting that T-mobiles camera won the “best camera” award at last year’s Mobile World Congress.

But it didn’t make the cut in the camera category.