Canary camera is back and it can get a lot more useful

The new Canary is a brand new camera that’s being sold on Amazon for around $100, and it’s already starting to be used by millions of people.

According to Amazon, the Canary can be used to capture and record photos of the environment, as well as make videos and video calls.

It can even do things like capture a video of an object moving in the environment.

The new camera is actually a camera that Amazon is already using in their cloud-based video editing suite.

The first video shows the camera working in a field near the site of a massive fire in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The video shows that the camera can get very good at capturing video from a very long distance.

It even works in the shade of trees.

Amazon claims that the new camera can also make a “superior video image” of the entire environment, and can capture 360 degrees of depth, so that you can get much more detail out of the image.

The camera can even capture and capture video calls, which is a new feature for the camera.

The new camera has been in use in the Amazon labs for months, but Amazon is now selling it for around a dollar and a half, a huge savings.

The price is significantly less than the $800 price tag that the original Canary had for Amazon Prime members, which was around $1,500.

Amazon says that the price of the new Canaries can be lowered to $100 in a few days.

The company says that it’s a good time to stock up on cameras as many people are now using their phones as their primary camera.

Amazon also says that they plan to launch a second product, which could potentially be even better.

It also said that they will continue to invest in the Canaries to make them even better in the future.