How to find the best adware for Windows and MacOS 11.11.1 and 11.12.2 (March 10)

A recent survey by security software vendor Adtech showed that more than half of Windows users are using adware to gain control of their computers.Adtech’s survey of over 8,000 Windows and macOS users found that about 90% of users had […]

Vivint, Browning open cameras, others in flood-affected area for safety

By MICHAEL SHELLIER The Associated Press | The Associated Times-Picayune The following stories and photographs have been edited to remove images that could be classified as obscene or could be offensive to some readers.A photo of a white-tailed deer hanging […]

GoPro cameras online are getting cheaper, but still the most popular model

When you search for the term GoPro camera online, you’ll often get results like this: It’s one of the most commonly searched terms in the United States for this type of camera.But is it really the best camera for your […]