BAE Systems unveils new C-Series fighter jets – and the best part is the money

Updated February 13, 2020 07:15:24The BAE systems C-series fighter jet will be the world’s largest to date, making it the first aircraft to make use of the world-first BAE Advanced Technology Centre’s (BATC) Advanced Wing Dynamics (AWD) system.

The C-20, the aircraft’s first operational flight, will take off from Perth’s Mildura airport on Tuesday, and will undergo its first test at the US Naval Air Station North Island, south of Brisbane, on February 16.

The aircraft will be operated by the Royal Australian Air Force, with the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Australian Defence Force also participating.

“We are delighted to have secured the award for the first ever delivery of a BAE AWD aircraft, which will form the backbone of the BAE C-21 fleet,” BAE chief executive, Robert Jaffrey, said in a statement.

The AWD system is designed to reduce the risk of aircraft being damaged in the event of an accident, and is currently being trialled on Australian-made Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The system uses a series of sensors, including cameras, radar, and laser, to detect an aircraft’s attitude, speed, and attitude of the aircraft.

Boeing has also developed a suite of sensors to monitor and assess the performance of its planes.

“With the advent of AWD technology, our aircraft can be flown safely and with maximum safety whilst retaining the agility required for operations in the high-altitude conditions,” Boeing said.BAE said that it will continue to develop AWD systems for future military aircraft, with “significant” investments already in the area.

“As we move forward with our long-term strategic investment in the AWD and flight systems for C-17 and C-130 aircraft, we will continue developing new technologies and capabilities to meet the requirements of the future, and ensure our aircraft continue to deliver high-quality aviation services,” Jaffry said.

“It is also a matter of great pride for us that the award is a major milestone for Australia’s military industry.”

The AWS system will also provide for the safe and efficient operation of C-13 and C17 aircraft.

“The new technology will significantly improve the reliability of the C-27 aircraft, allowing it to deliver the highest level of service and quality to the Australian and international communities,” BAF chief executive David Brough said.

“This is particularly important in light of the increasing number of terrorist attacks in Western countries.”

The aircraft, designed by BAE Aerospace, will be built at its facility at Mildura, which has been upgraded in recent years with a new hangar.

The aircraft’s maiden flight is due to take place on March 4.