Why kids need a digital camera to help them take selfies and share pictures with friends and family

By taking photos, playing with their toys, and sharing their experiences with friends online, kids are opening up new possibilities for their online lives.But it’s not always easy to get their hands on one of these devices, let alone get […]

When the internet is everywhere, we’re going to need a whole new way of keeping track of what’s happening

We’ve all had a moment in our lives when we’ve gone to the bathroom without paying attention to the directions on the map or the directions we were told to go.But now, we’ve all also got a camera in our […]

How to set your wireless outdoor camera to capture the best images

With the advent of wireless cameras, outdoor photography has never been more fun.With the addition of a wide-angle camera and a wide range of lenses, there are literally thousands of great shots to be had every time you step out […]

How to get rid of Polaroid Instant Camera and Polaroid Digital Camera with this guide

With the advent of the Polaroid digital camera, the need for a film camera became a bit redundant.But, for those of us who want to take pictures on the go, there’s a new contender for a digital camera that doesn’t […]

Google and Amazon offer Android TV, Google Home, and other services for $49/month

Google and Apple are offering Android TV hardware for $59 a month for a two-year contract, with Amazon offering a free Fire TV Stick.Amazon’s $49 Google Home service offers a $60 Prime membership for one-year.Google Home, a standalone device, costs […]